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Web Sites for USFWS Wolf Updates

Gray Wolves in the Northern Rockies

USFWS Annual Report for Gray Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains

Mexican Gray Wolves

Red Wolves

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California Wolf Center

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders 'Kids Planet' with Wolf Discovery Cirriculum

International Wolf Center

Maine Wolf Coalition

Minnesota Wolf Alliance

Mission Wolf

National Wildlife Federation

North Carolina Zoo-Red Wolves

Ralph Maughan's Wildlife Reports

Restore the North Woods


Timber Wolf Alliance

Timber Wolf Information Network

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

Wolf Conservation Center

Wolf Education and Research Center

Wolf Haven International

Wolf Park

Wolf Recovery Foundation

Experience A Wolf Adventure

Foster A Wild Wisdom

Other Interesting Sites

Vanagon Restoration for the Complete Idiot
The absolutely best site to address this subject.

Amy Gulick Photography
Amy donates a percentage of all sales of Koani's portrait photo to Wild Sentry.

Raptors of the Rockies
The Absolute Best Raptor Education Program in the Universe!

A Naturalist's World
Jim Halfpenny's Tracking & Wildlife Viewing Trips & Informative Site

Paws of Praise
Wolf Posters, Cards & Books

Wolf Howl Animal Preserve
Wolf Pictures & Facts, Wolf Figurines, Wolf T-Shirts, Art and Free Sounds.

The Bat Crew

A Day with the Wolves-TopWaya's Flute Melodies with wolves

Beta film site

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